Allison Maley

Allison Maley

Visbiome- Photography – Lifestyle Campaign

When Stock Won't Cut It

Visbiome is a leader in the probiotic space. They produce one of the most potent and effective probiotics on the market. Visbiome’s product helps millions of people worldwide manage and recover from conditions like IBS, UC, AAD, and more.
The Visbiome team wanted their new marketing campaign “The V is for Victory” to speak to the fact that people don’t have to live with these conditions. With the right product, they can win over their symptoms and reclaim their lives. A powerful statement, right?

Now, don’t get us wrong, there is a time and a place for some good-old stock photos. However, this concept wasn’t one of them. You can see in this original image how every element (from the sub-par lighting effects to the rendered background) that this was not portraying an individual who just kicked IBS’s ass! Rather three various stock images were cobbled together to poorly imitate the concept this client had in mind. 

The Other Agencies Attempt

Visbiome Ad

Rogue Rabbit's Photoshoot

We wanted to create a photoshoot that conveyed the message of a strong, determined woman who was a champion – both in and out of the ring. Christy Soeder @csoeder was the perfect model for this shoot, and she brought an amazing energy to the photos. The All About Kickboxing gym in Burbank was the perfect setting. We even managed to source a green championship belt. We had to modify the belt a bit in post-production to match Christy’s slender frame, but we think the final result is amazing. The addition of the Visbiome logo and design really brings it all together.

The Post & Final Ad

Ad campaigns that are truly effective allow their audience to see not only themselves in the ad, but also the spirit they hope to embody in their own lives. Visbiome is an amazing company with an exemplary product. We love that they choose to show their prospects and current customers how awesome they are by committing to a higher-quality ad. The ad focuses on the individual and their aspirations, as well as how Visbiome can be a part of achieving those goals. It’s a great way to connect with customers on a personal level rather than just as a consumer. It is a dual investment. Thanks for setting the bar high, Visbiome!

Visbiome Belt with green leather


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