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Google & YouTube PPC

Target the Right Audience With Our Effective Google PPC Management Services.

Turn Leads into Loyal Customers

There are countless opportunities to reach prospects and customers these days. From social media platforms to search engines, there’s a bevy of places to choose from to run ad campaigns. Unfortunately, that means there’s much more competition since every business is vying for peoples’ attention as soon as they open Instagram or head to Google. Millions of graphics, videos, and blogs are published each minute, resulting in information overload.

We Target your ideal customer

One way to stand out among the crown is with a PPC campaign management service. Our team of PPC wizards can target specific audiences and guarantee your ads are getting in front of the right people. 

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management

Traditional advertising can get real expensive, real quick. Effective pay-per-click management ensures that your ad budget stays low while bringing you targeted results.  We accomplish this at Rogue Rabbit Media by doing tons of research. We get to know your business’s goals, both short and long-term. 

Once we’ve launched your campaigns, we monitor them daily to see how they’re performing. If one area of the campaign isn’t up to snuff, we make tweaks to bring it up to the level we want. 

We’re also all about transparency. We’ll keep you up to date with how your campaigns are performing. You’ll see where each dollar was spent and what results your campaign produced.

We're Also Top Ranked Agency For YouTube Ads Management

If you are looking for a top YouTube ads management agency to help you reach your targeted audience, raise brand awareness, and grow your business through youtube, we can help. Contact Rogue Rabbit media today.

Why Use YouTube to Market Your Brand?

Unless you went down a rabbit hole, you probably already know that YouTube is the largest video platform online. Not only is it the largest video platform online but with nearly 2.3 billion active users each month, it is also the second biggest social media platform after Facebook and the second largest search utility after Google. In fact, each day YouTube is used to search for over five billion videos.  

So you can probably see how effective YouTube Marketing services would be for your business. But of all the videos on YouTube, how can you be sure yours would even appear in the search results? That’s the challenging part and where we come in.

YouTube SEO

We take a comprehensive approach to YouTube video SEO. This includes optimizing your pages, video content, and channel so that search engines will not only find them but prioritize them over your competitors’ content. With a focus on important aspects such as video description, length, link placement, primary and secondary keywords, and other factors, we help influence ranking on both YouTube and Google. 

We can also create landing pages that are keyword-optimized to send your YouTube traffic. This also helps make your YouTube content more discoverable on Google search, while improving overall video engagement. Our efforts can improve lead generation, build brand awareness, drive up conversions, raise your ROI, grow your business, and help you reach your business goals.

How We Use YouTube To Market Your Business

Our social media strategists can help your business rise above your competitors with our video management services, which include the following:

  • Refine your targeted audience
  • Create your YouTube channel using optimization tactics like keyword research
  • Engage subscribers with compelling video content and video description copywriting that’s keyword optimized
  • Curate playlists
  • Improve key performance metrics like impressions, watch time, engagements, and reach, by developing a strategic YouTube ad campaign
  • Provide continuous reporting, track key metrics, and analyze data
  • Promote videos and your channel across other social media networks and through email marketing
  • Respond to comments
  • And more

How the PPC Process Works

Step One: Hit Us Up

Give us a jingle or send us an email to schedule a consultation with a team member.

Step Two: We Evaluate Your Business

Whether you have PPC ad campaigns already running or need to start from scratch, we'll evaluate your target audience and market to develop the best strategies.

Step Three: Get More Clicks

Our data-driven results are guaranteed to bring in more relevant clicks to your business, turning casual scrollers into loyal customers.

Why Rogue Rabbit is the Leading PPC Company

Our team of PPC experts like to have fun, just as you’d expect any fluffle (group of rabbits) to. But we also know when it’s time to put our creative energy to use and get to work. 

Every decision and strategy we employ at Rogue Rabbit is backed up by data. We take the results we see in each PPC campaign and make adjustments to optimize the campaigns. We do extensive audience and keyword research, ensuring your message is getting in front of the right people.

Increase Your Bottom Line and Leads With Rogue Rabbit

Want to learn more about what our PPC experts can do for you? Drop us a line today to schedule a consultation.

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