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Facebook & Instagram PPC

Facebook & Instagram ad-buy Services That Are Tailored to Your Brand.

Why Use Facebook & Instagram for Marketing?

Around 58.4% of global users buy something online each week. Facebook is currently the “largest” social media platform in the world, with 2.85 billion active monthly users across the globe. This makes Facebook a big win for business owners who want to reach a large targeted global audience and hop ahead of their competitors.  

There is no doubt that Facebook marketing is an effective way to help businesses boost lead generation, increase brand awareness, and boost conversion rates. Do you want to be an industry leader, achieve your business goals, and gain more loyal customers? Of course, you do, these are things that every business wants.

Facebook & Instagram Ad-buy

So what’s stopping you? If you think you can’t fit Facebook advertising into your budget, you might want to rethink, because Facebook has extremely cost-effective advertising available.  

In fact, the cost per thousand impressions, or CPM, for a Facebook ad account, only ranges from $5 to $10. This means you can spend less than $10 to reach over 1,000 targeted prospectives. And people on social media are some serious buyers since nearly half (48%) have made a purchase after seeing an ad. On Facebook alone, nearly 51% of its users admit they clicked on an ad and Facebook accounts for 80.4% of social referrals to eCommerce websites.  

Capture your Audience

However, Facebook ads are quite complex, especially if you want to reach a detailed, targeted audience. That’s why many firms look to a professional Facebook management company like Rogue Rabbit Media for assistance with marketing on the platform. Partner with Rogue Rabbit media and we will do all the work for you including creating, optimizing, and monitoring your ad campaigns.

Our Work

How Our Process Works

Step 1:
Gathering Details About Your Business

We make it our business to dive deep into the specifics of your business: what is your niche, who are your customers, what makes you unique, what prior campaigns and marketing techniques have you used in the past, how effective were they, what are your overall advertising goals, and more. Once we gather all this information, we prepare a comprehensive strategy outlining how we plan on moving forward.

Step 2:
Ad Development

Our team will design a customized Facebook marketing strategy tailored to your business. Ads will include optimized content, headlines, and descriptions with high-quality imagery or visually appealing graphics. You review our creative content deliverables and either approve them or request changes.

Step 3:
We Go Live

Once we have your full support for the ads we developed, we will launch your campaign and publish multiple ads on your behalf. But, our work doesn’t stop there. We will continuously monitor your campaign, analyze the data, tally up the results, scrunch the numbers, and more until we start to see a trend that highlights the low-performing and high-performing ads. After making changes to improve effectiveness, we do it all over again until your ads are bringing in some serious profits.

Let Us Help Your Business Grow With Strategic Facebook Marketing

Rogue Rabbit provides creative marketing strategies that work for businesses of all sizes. Our services include:

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