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Rev Hair Products -Product Design & Product Photography

Label Design - The Facelift of Champions

An aesthetically pleasing product label can quickly lure potential buyers. But what’s more, a strategic label establishes an important brand statement. You want that statement to shout confidence and to promise reliability. A label should not only look attractive, but also provide facts and draw out an untapped desire. If you can hit on these points, it’s likely you’ll gain enough trust to solidify a “try buy”!

Rev Hair Studio came to us because they were stuck in a rut. They had created one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, sophisticated products but couldn’t seem to move the magic from shelves to heads. When we jumped on board, we immediately noticed that their old product labels were lacking key elements. The color palettes and fonts were dated. The text was lengthy and unclear. But together we rose to the challenge of reinventing Rev’s vision.

Label size, shape, and placement are all determined by individual packaging. Sectioning front and back labels creates a bold brand up front that doesn’t skimp on info in the rear. We targeted the unique benefits of this brand, in a profesh and concise manner, to allow the product to stand out from its competition. Bright colors or flashy logos are not necessarily needed to be successful. High-resolution images or graphics accompanied by brief and to the point language will create bold, relevant, eye catching labels that are sure to make a product shine (in this case, literally!) 

Original Bottle Designs

Revelations control spray
Revelations control spray_3


Rev Hair Product label Product design_3

Product Photography

A good first impression of your brand is a central focus. Once your product labels are perfected, you’ll move into promotion mode. The silent communication of photography speaks volumes. Considering 65% of consumers are visual learners, what you offer must be SEEN across your marketing platforms (including store-front). Proper photography means high quality images which suggest that your product is high quality as well.

Product photography yields a high return on investment, when done RIGHT. The competition in any retail space is steep, and great photos are a vital part of purchasing decisions. Rogue Rabbit media uses superior equipment coupled with experienced technique, appropriate backdrops/flat-lays, and best natural or imitation lighting for optimal exposure. Our team will create powerful, versatile images to meet your every need.


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