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Komuso Design
Branded Media Campaign

Komuso Design is mental health and wellness brand that advocates peace-of-mind.

Their product — The Shift — helps reduce anxiety by balancing one’s breathing, allowing them to calmly overcome distractions in the busy world we live in.

This organic approach to calming one’s nervous system is backed by science, and has helped tens of thousands of individuals suffering from anxiety, PTSD, and more. 

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Social Media

Email Marketing

Stage 1



"We started by creating a brand identity that our target audience could empathize."

Branding was crucial to the success of Komuso Design’s media creation and marketing. The product, The Shift, is not only an elegant solution to battling anxiety, but is also a fashionable necklace that our audience can incorporate into their daily fashion. We needed to focus on these elements of the product while also emphasizing the physical and mental calm that our customers could expect to feel.

Our branding strategy sought to capture the essence of The Shift and communicate its unique capabilities in a way that would resonate with our target market without flashy displays of copywriting. Moreover, The Shift’s branding needed to be modern and sleek, with a hint of luxury, as we wanted our customers to feel like they were investing in something that was not only valuable to their health, but also stylish.

We are proud to say that our branding efforts were successful in helping The Shift become a widely-recognized product in the anxiety-reduction industry (and fashion). Thanks to our clear and concise branding, Komuso Design was able to successfully launch The Shift into the marketplace with a strong media campaign at it’s back.

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Stage 2

Creative & Content


The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges we faced with Komuso Design was creating content that was not simply beautiful, but also impactful and meaningful to consumers. We needed to capture the somewhat invisible feeling of stress leaving the body, while artfully merging elements in nature with that of The Shift.

The Solution

We incorporated stunning landscapes into all of our creative production. Considering each person associates feelings of calm with different imagery, it was crucial to utilize various terrain in our photography. So, we traveled to amazing locales, like the Salt Flats in Utah and Joshua Tree in California. The isolation from cities, and other busy elements, distinguished Komuso Design as a brand that promotes embracing nature and one’s inner feelings of tranquility.

While the landscapes helped to elevate our creative content, it was essential to keep the focus on The Shift. We needed to ensure the product was visible in each photo, yet still natural; it had to capture the user’s gaze without distracting from the emotion in each shot. This approach truly elevated the photography and allowed us to incorporate these assets into other marketing channels.

All in all, our photography set the foundation for robust social media and email marketing campaigns — both of which would elevate Komuso’s brand image and help them sell more products.

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Stage 3

Social Media Marketing


Instagram Statistics for Komuso Design in 2020
Komuso Design Quarterly Social Media Metrics

"We established an online community for our audience to learn from each other, share their personal experiences, and embrace stoicism."

The Challenge

When we first starting working with Komuso Design, they were a young company who was struggling to build a loyal following. Their social media was especially lacking. Not only were the owners not knowledgeable about what they should be posting to their social profiles, they were struggling to find the time needed to build a solid following, as most of their attention was focused on perfecting their product, earning validation in the mental health & wellness community, and fulfilling orders.

The Solution

We established a new grid pattern, created a storyline, integrated brand-relevant user-generated content (UGC), and produced original content highlighting the product cohesively and understandably.

Their social media feeds are now full of interesting content, which they have repurposed for ads, email, and their website.

Since taking control of their social media presence, Komuso Design has seen a drastic increase in audience engagement and following. More importantly, the client now spends more face time with customers, and the brand has a more professional and cohesive online presence.

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Stage 4

Email Marketing


Komuso Design Email Marketing Conversions and Revenue

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"We nurtured Komuso Design's audience with regular, thought-provoking messaging that enhanced their relationship with the brand and The Shift."

Through our social media campaign, we were able to learn a great deal about our audience — their interests, their worries, their habits and desires. 

We incorporated these insights into our email marketing messaging to provide practical guidance for neutralizing stress and anxiety, philosophical insights and more. This helped elevate our audience form everyday consumers to true brand loyalists.

Additionally, we used these outbound efforts to re-engage customers who had opted into our email series, as well as those who had abandoned their shopping cart before completing a purchase. 

This not only increase sales through our email marketing series for customers who had yet to purchase. But it also encouraged existing customers to expand their color palette, purchasing The Shift in various colors.

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