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Everglades Holiday Park
Social Media Marketing

The everglades is a top destination in sunny south Florida and Everglades Holiday Park is the perfect place to enjoy it.

Everglades Holiday Park is home to the 60-minute airboat tour and the Gator Boys. CEO, Clint Bridges, wanted to make it easy for customers to choose their park over the competition. So, they enlisted our creative expertise to execute a branded media campaign backed by robust social media to help them stand out as the choice tourist destination in the Everglades.

Services Employed

Marketing Strategy

Creative & Content

Social Media

Community Engagement

Stage 1



"We starting by identifying Everglades Holiday Parks' unique offering and brought these to the forefront of their marketing strategy."

The Challenge

Everglades Holiday Park had hit a ceiling and were unable to increase park visits. With a lot of competition in the area, they needed a strategy that would distinguish them from the clutter.

Though they had a lot more to offer than other parks, they struggled communicating this to their audience and tourists as they were lacking media assets and clear messaging.

The Solution

We started by meeting with the client regularly to derive their unique product offerings and provide the framework for communicating these to their audience in an exciting way.

We knew that social media would drive the most engagement and, ultimately, lead to an increase in sales. So, we got to work creating a strategy that would improve brand awareness. One of the primary goals here was to show visitors enjoying the park and the many unique events, like river boat tours, alligator shows, and their animal encounter exhibit. 

In terms of audience targeting, we focused on appealing to parents and children alike. We combined media to appeal to both segments, which led to an increase in park visits.

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Stage 2

Creative & Content


The Challenge

Everglades Holiday Park (EHP) had a large need for quality content and zero time to come up ideas, much less create assets.

They wanted to be able to share the company vision and guidelines with our team and then be hands-off throughout the creative process. EHP requested a professional library of assets that could be repurposed for multiple uses including emails, ads, billboard advertising, and events.

The Solution

We implemented monthly content strategy meetings and built comprehensive shot lists that included photo, video, and GIFs.

Professionally edited content included: action-packed videos, adventure photos, event graphics, and fun GIFs. EHP has a huge gallery to use for Social Media, Ads, billboards, email marketing, and so much more.

They now have an amazing display in the Fort Lauderdale International Airport and great looking billboards for tourists to spot while driving.

EHP Social Media Graphic
EHP Gator Show
Family Fun at EHP

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Stage 3

Social Media Marketing


Animal Encounters at Everglades Holiday Park
Everglades Holiday Park Petting Zoo
EHP Air Boat Tour
Peacock Spotting at EHP Animal Encounters

"We established an online community for our audience to share their experience at the park."

The Challenge

While participating in many forms of advertising, EHP did not have a good social media plan. This resulted in random and sporadic posting with no strategy involved. Unfortunately, this did not yield the social media presence the company hoped for. 

EHP knew it was a missed opportunity to forge new connections, brand awareness, and ultimately sales. They wanted to be seen in the space, but didn’t know where to start.

The Solution

There are many parks in the Florida Everglades, but none can compete with Everglades Holiday Park’s event offerings. To solidify this, we created a robust gallery of media that focused on their most attractive offerings and published this to multiple social media channels consistently.

Coverage of the Gator Boys, an exciting alligator display, led the charge. By branding the Gator Boys and showcasing this event, we were able to distinguish Everglades Holiday Park as a premier location. This was one of the key elements that helped Everglades Holiday Park (EHP) overcome their competition. 

To keep content fresh, we visited the park regularly and photographed visitors enjoying the many amenities. This not only made the park feel more active, but also led to an increase in user-generated content shared on their social media profile. 

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Stage 4

Community Engagement


The Challenge

As social media inquiries and messages are now a common way for customers to communicate with businesses, EHP experienced an increase in inbound questions/inquiries in that space. Unfortunately, they could not keep up with the volume, resulting in customer frustration and loss of sales due to poor customer service.

EHP expressed the need for more attentive community management and a quick response time, so customers and potential customers would feel valued and heard.

The Solution

We developed a tone of voice and response document “cheat sheet” for FAQs so that no matter who was managing engagements, it would remain unified and brand appropriate. We immediately implemented a 24-hour response time on all engagements on every platform. Additionally, we crafted a social media crisis plan for responding to disgruntled and unsatisfied guest comments and reviews. There were hundreds of unanswered and backlogged google reviews. We took time to address all of them—the good, the bad, and the ugly. We also encouraged the company to request reviews from their guests after shows and airboat rides.

The Result

With our help, EHP immediately had a more active presence on google reviews. Asking the guests to share a review increased the review average by 48% and gave us the opportunity to answer every new review that came in with excitement and great customer care. On multiple occasions, we diffused situations that could have damaged the EHP reputation and lost future sales. Happy customers and potential customers started talking in just a few months of consistent community engagement on social media.

EHP saw an 95% increase in fans, followers, likes, tags, shares, comments on posts, customer recommendations, positive reviews, and ticket sales. Word of mouth is essential for every business, and EHP is delighted with the new standard. Clint was very pleased to be able to spend time with his guests and not in front of a computer.

Everglades Holiday Park Social Media grid
Positive Review for Everglades Holiday Park
Everglades Holiday Park Social Media Reviews

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