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American Service Pets
Full Service Marketing Campaign

American Service Pets provides Emotional Support Animal (ESA) and Psychological Service Animal (PSA) certification letters. 

When American Service Pets came to us, they had a product and a website, but were lacking exposure. 

Our mission was to grow brand awareness, ultimately, translating this to an increase in sales revenue. 

Services Employed

Marketing Strategy

Technical Development

Customer Journey

Creative & Content

Social Media


Email Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Stage 1

Marketing Strategy


"We started by identifying our core prospects, and developing outbound campaigns that would excite them."

The Challenge

American Service Pets offers a great product for pet owners, however, the stigma in the industry is that these certificates are illegitimate. This was one of the first challenges we had to overcome. For these reasons, the first stage of our marketing campaign was geared to stimulate brand awareness and educate our target audience on the benefits of ESAs and PSAs, how to get certified, and the credibility of American Service Pets.

With this foundation in place, we knew we’d be able to scale their outreach and convert more customers in the US across many activated marketing channels.

The Solution

We started with Offer Development before delving into marketing. Our team began by sifting through a very crowded Emotional Support Animal market. A key factor in developing this offer was to eliminate regulatory risk. We worked with the clients attorneys and executive team to put together a model for the offer that was highly unique disruptive and absolutely bulletproof. Five years and counting our client has been leading the pack in the Emotional Support Animal and Psychiatric Service Dog, Tele-psychology space.

The takeaways from the research phase guided us to marketing strategy that would appeal to customers at varying stages of the buying journey, while solving some of the core problems the brand was facing.  

Once we understood what was driving customers to action, we identified the marketing channels we would activate, and created media collateral to support each channel and audience segment.

Moreover, we implemented a sophisticated lead tracking system that would enable us to gauge the quality of user engagement, segment our audience based on interests and position in the funnel, and apply effective retargeting strategies to convert every person who interacted with their brand.

Stage 2

Technical Development


Moving money for medical services is tricky. In the online world of eCommerce addressing “tricky” = creative technology. The complexity of medical professional licensure and jurisdictional practice limitations added even more of a challenge to the clients goals.

Our team started the discovery phase by looking at out of the box tools that could be used to resolve these issues for the client. Understanding the overall goals from our extensive strategy development we were able to identify a combination of data routing and payment processing tools along with the in-house code base needed to connect those tools to produce the desired outcome, the proper routing and processing of thousands of transactions a day.

The result for the client exceeded their expectation. Not only was the technical strategy we created able to help the client navigate through the extensive regulatory issues they were up against it also saved them over 700 development hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Stage 3

Data Journey Mapping


The value of data is highly misunderstood by the average advertiser. Data must be collected compliantly, logged properly, stored safely, moved quickly through multiple applications, and compiled intelligently into actionable reporting. All of this is often overwhelming to say the least. Our clients data was siloed in multiple applications and their remarketing campaigns were non-existent. We started by looking at the most effective way to collect data compliantly through effective lead generation and Ecommerce campaigns.

Identifying the funnel elements needed to log the different data points we had access to, we outlined the way the data tables should be constructed. Finally, we helped the client connect their databases through API’s to the various remarking channel

As a result, within 14 days after the strategy was fully implemented the client saw
a 30% increase in sales volume. This additional revenue was fed back to the media platforms where traffic was being acquired. This gave the client a

Stage 4

Creative & Content


When it came to creative assets, we needed to produce media that would capture the sentiments American Service Pets’ customers were feeling at each stage of the funnel, from problem awareness to solution focused. 

Given that we planned to utilize paid advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and email retargeting, we needed a robust gallery of photography and video suitable for each channel. 

This would not only keep our brand image fresh and exciting, but also served to elevate American Service Pets above their competition. One of the core purposes this would ultimately fulfill is differentiating their offerings while adding a badge of credibility that would serve generate more customer engagement and sales.

Stage 5

Social Media Marketing


ASP Social Media Grid
American Service Pets' Social Media Grid

"We elevated American Service Pets' brand image and gave their community a place of belonging."

The Challenge

Before we took over content creation for American Service Pets, their social media lacked cohesiveness. They were treating the channel as another means of advertising when it should be used to nurture their audience and provide them a sense. of community. We needed to pivot in a way that made their social media a “safe place” to share experiences rather than a stale marketing tool.

The Solution

First things first, our media creation went a long way in achieving our goal of elevating ASP’s social media. We created videos of customer success stories to prove our worth and comfort our audience. And also executed a grid that exemplified the love and connection we know our audience has with their pets and wants to see in their peers. We carried this even further by enlisting influencers to spark continued conversation around American Service Pets.

Additionally, we used this channel to promote our blog content (all of which was designed to answer our customer’s biggest worries or apprehensions). This not only drove a ton of traffic to the website and helped increase our content rankings (which we’ll get to soon), but also increased our brand following and began to transform our audience from passive viewers to advocates.

ASP’s social media following steadily grew, and from this we saw more likes, comments and shares on our content, and an uptick in sales through organic traffic.

Stage 6



"We engaged top of the funnel as feverishly as bottom of the funnel to produce immense ROAS."

Now that our social media was curated and attracting attention, we were prepared to engage paid advertising. It was important to first build an organic following before pushing ads, so those who came in contact with our paid efforts could further investigate our brand and learn of our legitimacy. 

The key to Search Marketing begins with extensive keyword research. When our client asked us to develop a winning search strategy for them we started by digging into the data.

Using a proprietary process we developed and several online tools we found and organized 10 root keyword themes. Once the themes were identified we created segmentation in our targeting that matched our landing page strategy. Finally we crafted ultra relevant ad copy for each campaign. At launch we had over a million keywords, ad groups, and ads nested under 12 campaigns.

All of our ads were tracked across a multi-channel attribution model to give credit to each source of customer engagement. Though the ads typically convert on a list-click model, it was important to assess the entirety of the marketing strategy so we could refine our ad spend and continue to target with extreme accuracy.

The client saw their lead generation conversion rate increase from 12.4% to 22.6% in 30 days. This gave their call center nearly double the prospects to engage with and lead to a 50% increase in the purchase conversion rates.

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