Allison Maley

Allison Maley

Magic Leap- Product & Lifestyle Photography

The Product

Magic Leap is a technology company that specializes in the development of virtual and augmented reality systems. The company’s first product, Magic Leap One, is a head-mounted display that allows users to view and interact with digital content in a variety of environments. Magic Leap has been working on the Magic Leap One for several years, and it is finally available to consumers. The Magic Leap One is a light field system that uses multiple cameras and sensors to create a 3D image that appears to float in mid-air. The system also includes hand controllers that allow users to interact with the digital content. Magic Leap has designed the Magic Leap One to be used in a variety of settings, including education, entertainment, healthcare, and gaming.

Magicleap_Lightwear product image
Magicleap_Lightwear product image

The Lifestyle

Magic Leap’s biggest problem was that no one really knew what it was. It was a new technology that hadn’t been released yet, so it was hard to explain visually what it was actually like to wear the device. Our solution was to craft a series of lifestyle image campaigns that would help the consumer visualize how they may use the new tech in everyday life. Magic Leap became more than just a piece of technology- it became an experience. And that’s what we wanted people to see. Through our images, we showed them how Magic Leap could change their lives for the better. Now, people are finally able to see the Magic for themselves.


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