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Lindsey Knott

Lindsey Knott

Concealed Coalition – Video Production-Interviews of Redemption

Creating a Docu-Mini Series

There has been a strong and steady rise in the creation of documentaries by business brands (both small and large) in an effort to uniquely connect with their audiences. This ‘documarketing’ strategy is newer but genuinely effective. Why is that?

It’s been noted that after watching branded mini documentaries (or short films), a viewer’s consequent emotions often stir action or prompt a shift in perspective. The likelihood that a change in conduct will occur is increased. If that’s not smart marketing, we aren’t sure what is! With this particular client, Concealed Coalition, the meaningfulness behind their mission made our job extra special. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.

Does it Fit Your Brand?

Docu-mini series tell essential, yet often unheard tales which bring awareness to a broader community. Concealed Coalition’s offering revolves around a highly sensitive topic. For their organization, our mini series became an invaluable resource for information, clarity, and inspiration. It created a campaign outlet for deeper, relevant discussion. We were able to allow Concealed Coalition to present a case for their services by utilizing an unlikely source. 

Other forms of video marketing aim to convince or showcase a hard sell. These exist to inform, inspire, and potentially bridge a gap. As in this case, a docu-mini series can also show the brand as a thought leader and reinforce their own moral stance on a nuanced societal debate. We accomplished highlighting everything Concealed Coalition provides in an engaging manner. If you’re nodding your head in enlightened agreement and you have an available budget, this is for you. 

Concealed Coalition Media Production Photo Shoot
Closeup Shot at Concealed Coalition Photo Shoot
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