Lindsey Knott

Lindsey Knott

Banana Pepper Sauce-Product Photography & Advertisement Campaign

Creating a concept thats relatable

Banana Pepper Sauce is the newest hot sauce from Ben and Pat’s Sauce Company. And, like many hot sauces, Banana Pepper Sauce has a special place in the market and goes great with certain styles of food. Our challenge was creating an image-driven launch campaign that showed the world how this new sauce fit into their pallet and regular dietary delights. To do this, we created a series of images that featured Banana Pepper Sauce being used in a variety of different dishes. We also wrote copy that was designed to appeal to Hot sauce fans’ love of all things spicy. The result was a launch campaign that was both appetizing and informative. Thanks, Banana Pepper Sauce!

Banana Pepper Sauce Advertisement posters
Banana Pepper Sauce Advertisement posters covering construction site

Show People What They Are Missing

The concept for the Banana Pepper Sauce campaign was centered around some of the best dishes that paired well with the new sauce. We wanted to entice the audience with the thought that, while they may have enjoyed these traditional items in the past, they never knew what they were missing until now. The Banana Pepper Sauce added a zesty kick that took these classic dishes to the next level. Whether it was poured over a grilled steak, used as a dipping sauce for chicken wings, or simply added to a salad for extra flavor, the Banana Pepper Sauce was sure to please any pallet.

Banana Pepper Sauce on a hotdog AD
Banana Pepper Sauce on a Hamburger AD
Banana Pepper Hot Sauce On wings AD

Product Photography

Banana pepper sauce is one of those versatile condiments that can be used on just about anything. When we were approached to do a photo campaign featuring the sauce, we knew we wanted to keep the focus on the food. We didn’t want to over style the sauce or the food, so we kept it simple. The bright and bold colors in the product label lent themselves well to our approach. We used a light hand with the styling, letting the sauce and the food be the star of the show. The results were mouth-watering, and we’re proud to have been a part of this delicious campaign.


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