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Lindsey Knott

Lindsey Knott

American Service Pets-Video Production-Brand Video

Creating a Brand Story

A brand story brings together the practical and emotional aspects of what your business embodies. Traditional advertising simply focuses on a brand’s product or the logistics of a service. But a story offers inspiration through a unified narrative. It appeals to the senses AND the need.

A brand story is also not solely written by your brand. Those who have experienced your company first hand will play a crucial role in developing your brand’s story. “Old school” marketing was based on a flux of info in a singular direction: brand to potential customer. The world we live in now includes the power of the internet. This outlet creates a conversation which includes those who have already interacted with the brand!

How It Was Achieved

We were aware that inserting an actual customer’s real-life experience with American Service Pets would epitomize an effective brand story. These days, trust is established through first-hand accounts. Many times there are plenty of other companies/individuals who offer something similar to what you or your company does. If you want to stand out, a story-telling brand video is the way to go! 

After getting to know the American Service Pets team, the brand marketing struggles were clear. They needed to overcome some prejudice, misconceptions, and stigmas. To accomplish this we used an interview/testimonial model with the appropriately professional equipment, while incorporating seamless editing and a natural call to action (CTA) flow. Potential customers want to know exactly what you offer, why it matters to you, who is using it/backing you, and how it all works. This video hits each of those points in a deeper, more meaningful story format!

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The Value of Versatility

In terms of marketing, versatility equates to a proactive anticipation of change. The landscape of your target customer’s needs and desires will constantly shift. We encouraged American Service Pets to broaden their scope of marketing strategy. To take a step towards the exploration of video production as a compliment to photography and static ads. They agreed, and the result of their trust in Rogue Rabbit Media speaks for itself. Across the board, we are proud to provide the same level of expertise, for every client we are privileged to partner with. 


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Is Social Media Marketing Worth It?

If you’re a new business owner, you might be less familiar with social media marketing and its importance. Social networks are growing and expanding at intense rates. If you’re not setup to utilize social media marketing, chances are you’ll miss out on some major benefits that your competitors are taking advantage of.


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